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Indwe Senior Female Residence

I am Phiwe Ntika, SSV-Indwe Residence Student Assistant (RSA) 2015. I am currently doing 2nd year in N. Dip Industrial Engineering as my second qualification. I’m an NMMU alumnus, obtained my first qualification in Biomedical Technology in 2012.

I work as an assistant to the residence manager, take over in some instances when she’s not available and I perform the administration duties in the residence office.  Also I act as the main leader to eleven House Committee members (HK’s) followed by the Primaria. I liaise between the HK’s and the residence manager. I am committed and passionate about what I do. I strive to be the best leader I can to my subordinates, my teammates and an assistant to the management.

We work as a team, including our residence manager growing each other holistically, from the leadership skills aspect, life skills and so on. The motive behind is to go and share the growth into the house at large. We try our utmost best to lead SSV Indwe to the best capacity it can reach, promoting living and learning activities within the house.

Our team is diverse in cultural aspect and of cause backgrounds, which makes it a bit challenging to understand each other at times. In the beginning we had our misunderstandings, which wasn’t surprising. I believe a good team is built on the basics of constructive conflicts. They were solved and now I am proud to say we’re a good team, understanding and respecting each other, with minor arguments still (which is part of team playing) but have a good way to get to the bottom of them.

The RSA portfolio teaches me patience and restores my humility, calmness and respect for people. I got to explore diversity, how different are we and how does that impact on us personally, our interpersonal aspects and how we do things. It’s just a matter of understanding and meeting each other half way. I also learnt a simple thing which I hardly do and it tends to annoy when most people do it, the importance of complaints and responding to them. I realized that it’s one of the most important tools towards service improvement, not only at res but to the community at large.

I am honored and humbled to be the SSV-Indwe RSA 2015, and Thanking the Man above for the wonderful teammates and our residence manager. The happiness and wellbeing of the Indwe villagers is our priority and we will continue to do our utmost best to keep them happy and satisfied as a team. We regard them as our own sisters, like our residence manager would always say, “Be your sister’s keeper”.


Contact information
Mrs Lusanda Cain
Residence Manager, Sanlam Student Village (A)
Tel: +27 41 504 4506